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  1. Here’s how our country’s tax changes will affect gamers and PC enthusiasts

    On Wednesday this week, South Africa’s finance minister Malusi Gigaba delivered the 2018 budget speech in parliament. The budget focuses on cost savings in government, makes money available for the beginning of the National Health Insurance scheme as well as free tertiary education, and seeks to lower the amount of government bloat and the cost […]
  2. The Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, like everything else, is a million times better with the Beastie Boys

    Launched over the Super Bowl weekend, the first proper Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer wasn’t exactly dialling the hyperdrives to max. I dunno what it was, but… maybe the music? Definitely the music. Because this version, recut by the War Starts at Midnight Podcast with the Beastie Boys’ subversive moshpit headbanger “Sabotage” improves it by […]
  3. Intel’s prototype discrete graphics card gets the industry talking

    In the last few days, a set of slides from an Intel presentation given to attendees at the IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference currently being held in San Francisco has had the rest of the PC industry trying to guess what Intel is up to with their latest prototype graphics card that fits into a PCIe […]
  4. 10 authentically African things in Marvel’s Black Panther

    Wakanda isn’t real (and neither is Asgard, so it doesn’t even matter) but for local audiences who dressed up in their dashikis and umqheles for the premiere, almost everything in it is a legitimate and sentimental tribute to the inimitable grandeur of Africa and its people. For everybody else, here’s what you might’ve missed. Omg, cats Everybody […]
  5. Headset showdown: Corsiar HS50 + ST100 versus Corsair VOID PRO RGB Wireless

    There are hundreds (if not thousands) of gaming headsets (or cans if you prefer) out there right now. Just about every vendor who’s ever been involved in any part of the PC DIY industry has latched on to gaming headsets, every one of them hoping to ride the explosive wave of online gaming. It may […]

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