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  1. Mosh Pit: Evetech now stocks Gamdias, more Funkos for you to collect, and Miles Morales is the best Spider-Man

    Welcome to Mosh Pit, peeps. Do you know what day it is today? It’s 14 December. How many days do you have left until Christmas? Ten. Yes, I suppose it is eleven, but are you going to be buying presents for your loved ones on Christmas Day like some noob? Probably not. So here’s your […]
  2. China bans 20 popular games in a bid to fix the gaming market’s incorrect values

    The Chinese government, through the State Administration of Press and Publications (a new government wing barely five months old), has announced to the press that a recent report by the department has highlighted the government’s need to step in and regulate popular mobile games. Twenty games are in the government’s sights including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, League […]
  3. Merry season thing!

    Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Xmas, Whatevermas, or just a much-needed break from everything, we wish you a very happy holiday with your backlog that you probably won’t even get to because the backlog is forever and it’s too much work and besides, this other game is out now and you’ll finish your backlog in 2019, […]
  4. Infinity Ward plays real-life, not so fun game of Demolition

    The Los Angeles office of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developer were evacuated by local police yesterday after a bomb threat was called in – one of a number of similar reports around the same time, apparently linked to a bitcoin scam. According to Gizmodo, Games Industry, and The Verge, “dozens” of locations in the […]
  5. Metro Exodus is creeping out of the subways in February

    Artyom and his tovarishches are almost prepped to abandon the dubious safety of Moscow’s underground for a frozen post-apocalyptic wasteland and the probably no less dubious safety of a steam train called the Aurora, Ukranian developer 4A Games has confirmed, with the game now finished and off to the printers. Originally expected to launch sometime […]

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