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  1. PlayStation Classic is “disappointing” according to reviews

    Reviews for the PlayStation Classic are coming in and it's not looking good for Sony's latest console.
  2. Intel will have teraflop integrated graphics in new CPUs

    Intel's 11th-generation integrated graphics will feature over one teraflop of computing power, reported Engadget.
  3. First South African Gaming Awards to be launched in 2019

    The South African Gaming Awards have been established to celebrate individuals, teams, developers, streamers, and journalists in the gaming industry.
  4. The PlayStation Classic is ridiculously easy to hack

    YouTuber Retro Gaming Arts has published a video detailing how to access the debug menu.
  5. Epic Games launching gaming store to take on Steam

    The Epic Games store will offer developers 88% of their games' revenue, as opposed to the 70% offered by Steam.

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